Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shake that Money Maker!

Received another amazing email from Ramit Sethi today. Seriously, if you have not started reading at least the website you need to start. This guy is so funny and practical.
He was talking about how all the advice we hear is about cutting back and saving money but he recommends trying to earn more money. It is so true, we can only save so much. Even if we stopped all our fun activities completely there were certainly be an end as to how much we can save, but earning more - THAT is limitless!
As you know I am starting off by trying to earn an extra $100 per month. I met my goal for June and I am starting by trying to sell some surplus things from home. I know this is temporary but I will be purging unnecessary items while making cash on the side. That is helpful.
So this weekend I am holding my summer garage sale. I hope to make a few bucks. Wish me luck!
I am off to start getting these things ready!

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