Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Daughter and I were talking today and she asked me when her daddy would be a grandpa. I explained that when she had babies then he would be their grandpa and I would be their grandma. She then asked who would be their uncles? I almost cried because I had to tell her no one would be. She is an only child right now and so as it stands there will be no aunts and uncles. That made me so very sad. I come from a huge family with tons of uncles and aunts. My daughter also has a lot of uncles and aunts. I don't want to leave her alone in this world.
I told husband that we have one year to get our finances in order and we are going to try for another baby. Damnit. I am not leaving my grandchildren with no aunts or uncles!
What does this have to do with a blog about money? With no money we can't support our baby. We both need to work and I can't quit my job to stay home with the baby so we have to figure it all out. One year!
I am excited at the idea of it when I think about it.
We are still monitoring our finances really closely. I think that because of this we are feeling more comfortable and relaxed. I have a few more bills to fret over before we start our vacation.
When we get back in August I need to hit the ground running because I am starting a new job and daughter starts pre-school. I get teary eyed just thinking about it.
Well, until tomorrow.

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