Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vacation's All I ever Wanted

We are back from vacation. I hoped to blog during vacation but we were visiting family and it was hard to get on the computer. I was online about three times in two weeks. That time was spent checking our bank account. It was a nice time. I was ready to come home midway though. At some point you realize that you are turning into your parents. Mine were real home bodies, my dad especially. I just wanted to come home. We also were low on funds which makes vacation especially stressful.
Toward the end of vacation we were paid again and I was so excited I went back to my old spending habits - just spending without really thinking about it.
Now, back home we are struggling again! I wish I could start over with no debt and at ground zero to build it all up again. I know I would be so much smarter. Perspective.
Well, I am still trying to figure out how to make extra money since I sold everything that I was wanting to get rid of this summer. Now that the school year is starting I should have some opportunities with workshops or such but maybe not. I am going back to my old job and there might not be as many opportunities for extra income there. I am trying to think outside the box with my extra income here but I am at a loss. I wish Ramit could climb into my head and straighten me out.