Friday, July 9, 2010

Complaining here, complaining there...

Funny thing happened yesterday. I was getting all the stuff that I have been putting in a box in the garage marked "garage sale" and thinking that I was just full of junk! I got all the stuff last night. I really don't have that much. I decided to go through the cupboards and everything to get stuff to sell.
We had a garage sale last year and it was such a flop. I really was trying to charge much more than the people that came wanted to pay. I am charging really low prices but that said I want to sell only things I am willing to sell for very little money. I am going to go through my Christmas stuff to see what I want to sell there too.
I had a tin out and husband laughed and said that no one would buy it. I laughed and said I have seen people buy weirder things.
Off to gather more stuff! Wish me luck!

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