Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Frikken Frakk!

I was visiting with a friend from out of town today at my house and my cell phone rings. I am pretty sure that anyone who might call me knows I am home. First it is my mom then my husband. Turns out that my phone service has been disconnected. We were late on our bill last month and had an autopayment scheduled for it. The autopay already left our account but apparently had not hit their system so they disconnected our service! I had to call and make another payment over the phone and it just got me frustrated.
I decided to sit and check the finances and for some reason what it says we have in our account is not what we have according to my records. Frustrating.
I have to sit and look at it again tomorrow to see where I am off. I have a massive headache and am going to bed.

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